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TAC Parent-Teacher Association for 2020-2021

Following its executive and supervisory Board elections, TAC Parent-Teacher Association for 2020-2021 held its first meeting. We congratulate the PTA’s new members and wish them a successful year.

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TACBiotech Club

TACBiotech Club’s teacher advisor Fatih Metin, Activity Coordinator Ahu Tereci Dursun and students (Esra Ekin Köse, Melikhan Bekir and Naz Kurtuluş) held their first meeting with the partners of the #ERASMUSDAYS in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey. The meeting, which started with introductions, continued with the exchange of ideas for #ERASMUSDAYS preparations and the new project application for Erasmus + KA229.

Erasmus Days (#ERASMUSDAYS) activities were organized on 15-16-17 October 2020 in order to promote the Erasmus+ Program, enhance visibility of the projects within the program and to encourage potential beneficiaries to benefit from Erasmus+. Various visibility, promotion and information activities are being held around Europe as well as in Turkey.

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Prep Boarding Students Orientation

Students, dormitory administrators, school administrators and the counseling department met at the Prep Boarding Students Orientation in Talas Auditorium at 16:00 on 11.10.2020.

After the school and dormitory administrators introduced themselves, the program continued with the introduction of dormitory rules.

Dr. Ali Cerrahoğlu explained about medical services and the infirmary.

Then, Mr. İlker Kaba, the Coordinator of the Counseling Department took the floor for the introduction of counseling services. Introducing guidance counselors Caner AYDIN ​​and Serhat KÖSE responsible for the grade level, İlker KABA provided details about the department and its operations.

After dinner, students gathered in the school garden for the evening activities. They formed a circle to play the name learning game. After finding out everyone’s names in this fun activity, students were involved in a “guessing game of hometowns”.

The program, which continued with question-answers, was immortalized by a group snapshot in the steps of Stickler.

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School-Parent Interaction Meeting

The school-parent interaction meeting, co-facilitated on Zoom by Mr. İlker Kaba, the coordinator of the Counseling Department and guidance counselor Suna Babalıklı, started with the counselors introducing themselves and the classes for which they are responsible. The parents were also asked to introduce themselves and brief information was shared about the purpose of the school-parent interaction meetings. The theme of “Roles and Communication in the Family” was explored. Interested in the topic, the parents asked questions and shared their own experiences. The active participation of our parents, giving examples from their lives enriched the discussions.

Exam Wellbeing and Adolescence

As part of the preparations for the university exam, the conference for grade 11 and 12 parents titled “Exam Wellbeing and Adolescence” was facilitated by Mr. Caner AYDIN, guidance counselor. The presentation addressed the period of adolescence, exam stress, exam wellbeing during the pandemic, exam wellbeing and mindfulness, some thoughts causing anxiety in students, and suggestions for families. At the end of the presentation, parents had the opportunity to ask questions.

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Improving Academic Success

The parent conference titled "Improving Academic Success", a traditional session organized by the Counseling Department for grade 9 parents was held online this year on October 7, 2020. The presentation by Mr. Serhat KÖSE, the guidance counselor, addressed the topics “concepts of ‘success and failure’, learning in the digital environment, change in the learning environment with distance education, communication tips for parents, mental health in uncertain times and the nature of learning”. The session continued with a question and answer part with the participation of Mr. Soner Çarkçı, the Assistant Principal for Grade 9.

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TAC Players make History at the Basketball Court

The news article about the basketball success of our students was published in the Sports Arena Plus Magazine on 01.11.2020 with the title "The School Which Raises Legends: TAC".

We are proud of our students and wish them continued success.

You can read the news article by clicking the link below. (it is in Turkish)

Spor Arena Plus

Some main points from the article:

TAC’s Basketball Tradition Continues

The School Which Raises Legends: TAC

Tarsus American College (TAC), a powerhouse of accomplished basketball players at the level of national teams, league teams and even at the US NCAA level since the 1950s, continue to contribute to the game with its new players. The President of the TAC Sports Club, Ali Çekiç, said, "We are successful and determined in raising the stars of the future". Çekiç reminded that TAC students who will be on the TAC NEF basketball team must maintain a certain grade point average.

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October 29 Republic Day Ceremony

On October 28, 2020… we are reminded of the most exciting, uplifting sentence that could have been uttered on any October 28 in history: “Gentlemen, we will proclaim the republic tomorrow!"

The "Republic Day Assembly" prepared by TAC’s Turkish Literature and Arts departments took us back to that day, making us relive the excitement and pride of the first day.

Following the remarks shared by administrators with the TAC community, we watched the presentations by students from different grade levels.

After listening to the poem "Blue is a Habit", we attended a virtual, refreshing art exhibition and watched how young talents transcended boundaries and shone with the light of the Turkish republic, to the accompaniment of the "Turkish March". With the upbeat “10th Year Anthem”, the excitement of the approaching centennial anniversary surrounded us. "You can find the strength you need in the noble blood flowing in your veins" Ataturk said. Confident in the strength we received from the republic ‘regardless of the circumstances we are in’, we called out to him.

Looking at the republic as ‘our sun’ in the ‘Ballad of Sun Drinkers” we realized how much we missed our campus with the beautiful images that accompanied the ECHO'22 concert.

Happy 97th birthday, beloved TURKISH REPUBLIC!

Tarsus Amerikan Kolejini Sosyal Medyada Takip Ediyor musunuz?

Aşağıdaki adreslere tıklayarak incelemek istediğiniz sosyal medya kanalına ulaşabilir, hesaplarımızı takip ederek etkinliklerimizden haberdar olabilirsiniz.

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