Guyana Modern Geography

Final Draft

Hello people! I'm back for my next adventure! And today Iv'e cruised on in to explore the geography of the Guiana's, but when I checked books and websites, I couldn't gather much information, but for now, here goes almost nothing (speaking of information)!

Caribbean South America also includes the countries of Guyana & Suriname and the territory of the French Guiana. Guyana was once a British colony called the British Guiana, and Suriname was once a Netherlands colony called the Dutch Guiana. As a result, these 3 lands are today known as the Guiana's

The climate here is a hot and tropical. Typical. Most people live on the coastal plains because of the cooling ocean winds. Sugarcane is grown in Guiana and the French Guiana while bananas and rice are grown in Suriname.

Well, that was all I could find in terms of material to use. Sorry! But that ends my adventure today, I hope to see you soon! Bye!