Committee Meetings

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Importance of Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are an opportunity to distribute leadership and shared decision making throughout the school. Each of the Committees by now should have their PURPOSE STATEMENT and this will provide a clearer direction for 2016.

In the meeting next week could I please ask for the following to be done:

a) Ensure folders with meeting minutes and attendance registers are up to date for 2015

b) The Role Statement or Aim of the Committee has been decided on by the Committee. This can be followed with action statements for 2016

c) With regard to above, draft out a proposed budget for the committee for 2016

Please give this information to Gae so it can be considered in the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan update.

KHS Committee Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 3:45am

Please come to the Library for General Business before breaking off to Committee Meetings