"Dinosaurs "R" Us! " By Dana Miller

Basic information about paleontology

  • Study fossil of animals and remains of plants
  • Trace evolution patterns
  • Work in labs, museums, or outdoors on digs.
  • Travel to other countries for digs and research.
  • Need bachelors, masters and doctoral degree.
  • Make over $44,730 just in Wisconsin
  • Almost like archeologist but safer.
  • Many different fields in paleontology like, Vertebrate, Invertebrate, Paleobotany, Palynology, Micropaleontology, Paleoecology, Paleoclimatology, Biostratigraphy, and Biogeography.
  • Study dinosaurs footprints and bones to find behavior patterns, or living conditions
  • Many people think paleontology is just dinosaurs but it is much more, like birds, fish, or plants.

Pros and Cons

Three pros of paleontology

1. Help scientists discover old species

2. Lots of hands on work

3. Lots of job training

Three cons of paleontology

1. Spend a lot of money on travels for digs

2. Very competitive job market

3. Many years of school because you need up to a doctoral degree

What I need to do in high school and college to become an paleontologist

High school~

To start a paleontology career in high school, some courses you might want to take are biology, minimum of two years foreign language, geology, statistics and probability, and trigonometry/ advanced algebra


To become a paleontologist, you need to major in Geosciences, many geological earth sciences, with a undergrad in paleontology.

Post Secondary Education Path

Associations/Professional organization for this career

Paleontological Research Institute

Ithaca, New York

The Paleontological Association

London, England

Paleontology Job Offer. Help needed!

Are you interested in working in a lab, or traveling to other countries for digs? What about working in a museum? Do you like dinosaurs? If you answered yes to all of any of those questions, then a Paleontologist is the right job for you! Paleontologists study and dig up from under the earths crust and earn more than $44,730 just in Wisconsin! If you think that this is the job for you please call us to set up an interview!

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