Massachusetts Colony

By: Zach Rhea

Who Founded It

In the 1630's, many puritans from England left to move to the new colonies. When they arrived, they weren't able to worship there own new religion because many of the colonies either had one religion or didn't care about a new one. So the puritans went up to modern day Massachusetts to establish there own colony.
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Why It Was Founded

The reason for the colony being founded was the puritans wanted a state that would set an "example" for religion. Massachusetts was one of the only colonies that took religion seriously.

Economic Recources

The Massachusetts colony had quite a few recourses but some of the main recourses were fishing, lumber, and tobacco.
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Climate & Geography

The Climate in the Massachusetts Colony was pretty mild during there summer but freezing during there winters. There Geography made it so fishing was real easy and trees were abundant.