A study in courage

By: Steven Girard


Annemarie showed bravery many times throughout the book. Right now i will mention one. Annemarie took the packet that contained a handkerchief with rabbit's blood and cocaine to numb the dogs noses' on it to uncle hendrick.I also realize that annemarie was not phased when the german soldiers confronted her. I believe that showed bravery because for all she knew it could've been something illegal that would've landed her in jail.

Mrs. Johansen

Mrs. Johansen showed bravery by taking the rosens to the boat. Annemarie woke up and found her on the ground with a broken ankle. This showed courage because she risked her own life to save the rosens.

Uncle Hendrick

Uncle hendrick showed bravery by letting the johansens and rosens use his house and boat for a place to assemble.this showed courage because if they were found by german soldiers he would go to prison or get killed on the spot
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