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Eat the Colors of the Rainbow!

This month, we have been discussing and doing fitness activities that encourage kids to eat a variety of different colors when choosing fruits and veggies, which according to should be half of their diets. So, feel free to reinforce the following when grocery shopping with your student and when making meal choices at home:

Red Fruits and Veggies: Good for my Heart

Orange Fruits and Veggies: Good for my Eyes

Yellow Fruits and Veggies: Good for my Skin and Insides

Green Fruits and Veggies: Good for my Teeth and Bones

Purple Fruits and Veggies: Good for my Brain

A whole rainbow of colors can be a great way to encourage our kids to make healthy choices and to even ask to be served colors that may often be excluded throughout the week.

To help motivate and encourage the students to pick the fruits and veggies more often and in a wider assortment, we are proposing an incentive program. It will be very easy to facilitate as it puts the ownership of the effort on the student.

The PE & Fitness coaches will provide the attached RAINBOW TRACKER to students. They will write beside each color the name of the fruit or veggie that they have eaten, and then they get an adult to initial confirming that they ate the item. The adult initial can be provided by teachers, parents, or even by the coaches visiting the lunch room on occasions.

Once the student gets each color of their RAINBOW TRACKER filled and confirmed, they will return it to their PE or Fitness coach and be given a Colt Cash and a new RAINBOW TRACKER. Each tracker can be filled as the student eats one of each of the colors and at their own pace. It is totally up to them how quickly and how often they are rewarded.

Hopefully with this incentive program and teacher/parent support which will kick off Monday, Sept. 21st, we can continue to improve the lives and futures of these remarkable kids.

For any questions, ask Coach Smith for more information at

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The Lunch Line and Your Child

Did you know ….

  • You can put a limit on the amount of money your child spends each day (i.e. $3.50 per day maximum)?
  • You can put restrictions on the amount of extras your child buys (i.e. one treat a week, three treats a month, etc)?
  • Teachers cannot tell your child what to buy or not to buy?
  • Teachers cannot put items on or remove items from your child’s tray?
  • Your child can only get one condiment per meal, and cannot revisit the line if the condiment is forgotten on the first trip?
  • Your child cannot take opened food out of the cafeteria?

You can let your preferences be known by communicating with Irene Parra, our FANS manager:

  • Email at
  • Call at 469-752-4508
  • Send a detailed note with your child to be given to her

If ever you have any other questions related to the cafeteria, don’t hesitate to ask Mrs. Parra!

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Students in 3rd-5th grade participate in a fitness tracking program called FitnessGram. Starting in 3rd grade, data about your student’s height, weight, strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility is tracked yearly compared to Healthy Fitness Zone standards.

This year, we will be using results from the FitnessGram testing to determine the grades your child earns in Physical Education/Fitness. In preparation for the actual testing, we are communicating the standards required so they have goals to work toward in their weekly workouts.

See below for more information about FitnessGram and the components by which your child will be evaluated.

Body Composition

What is Body Composition

Aerobic Capacity

What is Aerobic Capacity?

Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility

Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility