Woodington Middle School

Notes from the Counselors' Office.

Drug Awareness and Prevention

To symbolize our commitment to being drug free, WMS stop drug abuse, please encourage student participation in the activities listed below. Please show your support by participating and helping WMS promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.


The poems focused on the National Red Ribbon Theme for this year, "Love Me Be Drug Free."

Over 200 poems were submitted for judging. Classroom Winners are:

The 8th grade overall winner is Miranda Quinn. She perfectly captures the essence of a drug-free lifestyle. Her poem has been submitted for national recognition. Miranda's insight is profound and would support the purpose of the Red Ribbon Campaign theme, "Love Me, Be Drug Free." Would you please consider this request?

WMS declared kPrevention Educators from the Lenoir County Extension Office visited WMS during the month of November. Classroom presentations involved videos and discussion. Students were given the opportunity to create an original project. The projects were judged and classroom winners and overall winners were announced.Red Ribbon Activities for Drug Awareness and Prevention

National Theme: Love Yourself and Be Drug Free

November 3 – 13: Drug Awareness and Prevention Guest Speaker

Mrs. Velvet Tyndall, 4-H prevention educator, will visit Social Studies Classes. She will show videos that encourage students to BE DRUG FREE. Students will have the opportunity to participate in grade level contests to create an original project that focuses on Drug Prevention/Awareness. There will be a winner in each class and an overall winner will be chosen for each grade level.

Mrs. Tyndall’s schedule:

Sixth graders created bookmarks. The overall winner was ??? His design will be reproduced and laminated. Students, Faculty, and Staff will receive

7th grade: Create a poster (Turn in to Social Studies teacher by 11/12)

8th grade: Write a poem (Turn in to Social Studies teacher by 11/17)

November 19th (Wednesday)

1. Explain the history of Red Ribbon Week to your students. (See History below.)

2. Encourage students (and staff) to WEAR RED SHIRTS AND RED RIBBONS

on Thursday to show support for the prevention of drug abuse.

November 20th (Thursday)

1. Give a red ribbon to each student/faculty member in your class.

2. Ask each student to wear the ribbon all day.

3. Contest winners will be announced.


History of Red Ribbon Week

Enrique “Kiki” Camarena grew up in Calexico, California. He worked his way through college, served in the Marines, and became a police officer. His desire to make a difference led him to become a Special Agent in the US Drug Enforcement Administration. His undercover work in Mexico was dangerous because he investigated very important people in the Mexican army, police and government. On February 7, 1985, while fighting the battle against drugs to keep our country and children safe, Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, was murdered by drug traffickers in Mexico. So that his death would not be in vain, local citizens, state officials and our national government worked together to establish Red Ribbon Week. Since 1988, all Americans have been encouraged to participate in Red Ribbon Week to symbolize their commitment to fight drug abuse. This makes Red Ribbon Week the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. This week, wear your red ribbon with pride, in honor of Special Agent Camarena and in honor of your own commitment to live drug free.

Classroom Winners