Dezmond Ricketts


Mesopotamia is located between the Arabian desert and the Zargos Mountains. Well now a days they call it Iraq.Mesopotamia had two lay rivers called the Tigris River and the Euphrates River.Also did you know that Mesopotamia means " between the rivers"? Did you know that Mesopotamia is 6374.00 from elm city middle.


These are some of the civilization that help Mesopotamia grow Sumer,Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian. Well I like all of the laws it's were hard to pick. People who broke the law the got bad out comes and some of the laws they had we have. Gilgamesh was a power which had a very busy city. One he meet this guy and after both of them getting bored of the city they stared travel and they brought back a cedar tree which was a very useful for his city. Also he told them stories of demos which his city never hear of demos or stories like that before. When Gilgamesh was in war he believe that he could when. Gilgamesh was one of the Uruk most powerful leaders.

This is the requirement for the people


It was a good place to farm and they made very good pottery. They also was good at hunting and making stuff that they need with the animals fur. The farm land got porsien and it was impossible to grow anything. They ate two meals a day some of the thing they ate was bread beer and meat and apples. They need water to cook so they and to clean it up. Also they live near a water source well two the two rivers. They grow important crops. Also to help them grow they made this thing well water can't get in unless some one lets it in.


This is one of the seven wonders a city state called Babylon. They invented the wheel,sailboat, and chariots. The wheel is important because today we got cars. Today we can go sailing with sailboats.