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Valentine's Day Survey

I'm in a bit of rut today, so I'm sending out a fun survey and will send you all the (anonymous) results after I collect the "data". Click the link below for a little Valentine's Day fun...

It's True!

So, with the increasing implementation of the Common Core State Standards in our district, I've been tasked with bringing more non-fiction resources into our media center. That means, I'm open to suggestions for what you might use in your classroom. If you know of any quality non-fiction books or other media you would like your students to be able to check out or that you would add to your curriculum, please send me a line and I'll add it to our next order. You could even send me some general information about the last unit you taught and I could make sure we've got something to add to it for next year!

That's it folks. That's all I got today.

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