Curious about Social Work?

Still Looking for a Course?

Introduction to Social Work (SWK 222) still has openings!

If you're considering social work as a major or thinking about pursuing the MSW as a graduate degree, this course is for you! Learn about social work first hand through visits with local social workers in their community settings and guest speakers in the classroom.

*No prereqs*

Details: The course provides an overview of the various fields of social work practice and the role of the social worker in specific agency settings including alcohol and substance abuse treatment settings. Explores the evolution and philosophy of social work as well as the profession's knowledge base, skills, and values.

Fall 2015 course options:

SWK 222-01, Monday & Wednesday, 1:00-4:10 (time frame for community visits and classroom meetings- the class does not meet the full six hours each week)
SWK 222-80, Wednesday 5:30-8:10 (hybrid method, time frame includes community visits)

For more information, please contact Professors Mark Primus( or Leanne Charlesworth (