~Air Bags~Hurtful or Helpful~

What are the pros and cons of air bags?

In the real life

There you are, sitting in the front seat of your car with one of your parents driving. Then, BOOM! Your vision is first blurry as you see the front of you car caved in, you are fine, but the when the air bags hits you, your vision goes black... for ever.

Pros of Air Bags

As many adults know, they can rely on air bags to save their lives and know even if an accident were to happen, they wouldn't have to worry, but keep in mind that what I just told you was only apart of the adults point of view, and that was a pro, now let's look at the con, the children point of view.

Cons of Air Bgas

Like most children, including me, some of us fear air bags, and yes, we know it could save our life, but then again, it can end our life because the air bag would hit us right in the head with tons(!) of pressure, and... you get it.

What has led to the air bags?

I going to say that there is not a invention that the air bag was built off of, but I will say that one reason that led to the air bags is a bit modern, with the faster cars, people getting seriously injured, or even killed, air bags are a decent way to say most lives.

What can be done to make the air bag better?

Many things actually, but the thing I really think that manufacturers of putting the air bags in the car should do is put the passenger seat with less pressure when, or if the air bag is released so, if a kid is sitting in the front seat, like many do no, the odds of them dying is much lower.

So, what should we do about air bags?

In conclusion, I can say that air bags can save lives, or it can destroy lives. So should we keep air bags, yes, but should we make them safer, definitely!