By: Emily. D

Why you should get vaccinated

Vaccinations have been a problem lately. Many people are dying are getting badly infected because they're not getting vaccinations. There have been lots of measles outbreaks that are hard to get rid of because its spreading. Parents are refusing to vaccinate their children because personal/religious beliefs. Doctors have been giving into their patients lately and letting them not vaccinate their children. Most doctors have also been "firing" their patients and not seeing them anymore because their putting life's at risk.

Parents need to vaccinate their children.

  • Vaccines offer improved immunity to certain diseases. in order to protect the best protection against disease vaccines are requested.
  • In 1952 there were 57,879 cases of paralytic polio in the US without vaccines. In 2012 there were just 55 cases when people were using vaccines.
  • One third of doctors say they Acquiesced often or always another third say they give in to parents who don't want to vaccinate their children. So many doctors are compromising its becoming dangerous.
  • Most of the 145,700 people who dies from measles were children under the age of 5.
  • Because of measles vaccination 15.6 deaths were prevented.
  • A measles outbreak traced to Disney Park and infected nearly 70 people. More than 13,00 people nationwide admitted that they are against vaccines

Lots of people are against vaccinations.

  • Most parents who choose not to vaccinate are not anti-vaccinate but they are anxious-vaccinate.
  • A wide majority of pediaticians and family physicians aquise to parents who wish to delay vaccinations.
  • 9 schools fall in a range from 41%-18.4% who don't vaccinate their children.

Topic Summary

Many people die or get badly infected because they're not vaccinated. There have been many measles outbreaks that cant be stopped. Parents are refusing to give vaccines because personal or religious beliefs. Doctors are giving in and letting them not get them but some are refusing to ever see that patient again.