Technology of 1930 - 1939

Lee Hunter

The Electron Microscope

The electron microscope was invented in 1931 by two German scientists, Max Knoll and Ernest Ruska. Ernest Ruska was awarded half of the nobel prize for Physics that year, the other half going to Heinrich Rohrer for another invention. The electron microscope when pushed to its maximum could almost see down to the size of a single atom.

The Parking Meter

Carlton Cole Magee invented the first parking meter in 1932 to battl the growing problem of parking congestion. He patented the invention in 1935. Carlton soon afterwards began his own company Magee Harlton Meter Company to produce the product. The meters were sometimes met with resistance by groups of citizens who destroyed them in large numbers.

FM Radio

FM (Frequency Modulation) radio or was invented in 1933 by Edwin Howard Armstrong. FM radio improved the signal of audio waves by controlling the static noise created by electrical equipment and the earths atmosphere. Every Radio or television today makes use of at least one of Edward Armstrongs inventions.


Monopoly was created by Charles Darrow in 1934. It is now the best selling board game in history. The game became so popular due to the fact that people with little to no money during the great depression enjoyed having and spending the fake money in the game. Charles Darrow went from a poor man working odd jobs too a millionare because of his game.


Nylon was invented by Wallace Corathers in 1935. Wallace was a scientist who worked for DuPont chemical company. His job was to study polymers witch were a very new subject. Through over 100 tests and trials he was able to choose a polymer that was able to wishtand heat and pressure while also being able to be wove into a thread. It was nicknamed the "Miracle Fiber".

Colt Revolver

Samuel Colt patented the colt revolver in 1936. This revolver became famous for its power and accuracy. Colt is still a prevelent gun comapny to this day.

Jet Engine

The first jet engine was built in 1937. The jet engine is one of the most, if not the most important invention in the history of avionics. Using the jet engine we can now fly across the country and over seas in mere hours. The military aslso uses these engines in jet fighters.


LSD was first synthesized on accident by Albert Hoffmann in 1938. Albert Hoffmann didn't realize its hallucinogenic properties until 1940 when he accidentally dosed himself with the chemical.