Kingdom Protista

By: Brandon, Michael, Sydney, Madison

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Domain of Kingdom

It consists of eukaryotic cells. Arranged in chromosomes in a nucleus.

Cell Wall

It does have a cell wall, its made up of silica and calcium.

Number of Cells

Most cells are unicellular. ( Some are simple multicellular )

Obtaining Kingdom Nutrition

Photosynthetic autotrophs and Chemosynthetic autotrophs make their own food. Photosynthetic autotrophs use energy from light to power complex chemical reactions to make glucose. Chemosynthetic autotrophs use energy obtained from the breakdown of chemicals. Heterotrophs require food as they cannot make their own. Heterotrophs by ingestion eat by consuming food; taking it into their bodies to be digested by enzymes. Heterotrophs by absorption eat by secreting digestive enzymes outside of their bodies.

3 Members of Kingdom Protista

- Paramecium

- Amoeea

- Kelp

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