Let's EXPLORE Together!

Mrs. Beckham, Explore Principal

Welcome 101

My name is Diane Beckham and I have been an educator for 21 years. For 6 years I have worked with my Sunshine School Family and I look forward to working with you and your family at Campbell in June.

Learning 101

My years in the classroom have shown me that we use our hands for learning, our minds for thinking and our goals for achieving. Students at Explore will be using all of these things as they explore what interests them through Project based learning and the use of personal devices. I have worked with many ages and in many places and It is my purpose to create a safe place to explore your interests, build your skills and discover your passion!

Contact 101

It is my goal to keep all families updated with what is happening at Explore. Each Monday, expect to see a Principal's newsletter. Explore will be a very busy time and I encourage each family to check for notes daily. If you have a personal concern, please call the school number to schedule an appointment. I am here to work with each family at Explore.