For Darkness shows the stars

Author: Diania peterfrenud

Main character: Elliot North

I think Elliot needs more freedom. She needs a vacation where she can roam around and not have to think about the stress from her estate and family. Elliot could use a week or two to relax and spend time with Kai (captain Wentforth). Her dream vacation is..... a nice trip to a beach so she can enjoy the clear waters and the sunset with Kai. Elliot can fly from the north estate to an island. While she is there Kai could fly in a glider with her to watch the stars at night.

What I think Elliot should bring with her on the trip.......

Elliot should bring a handmade glider with a letter to Kai. In the book the author wrote " I have hidden your last letter be careful what you write to me" said Elliot. (page 200). She writes letters to Kai. She should also bring are flowers because" these flowers were different from any she'd ever seen before". Also " they're beautiful Ro" ( page 18). Elliot likes the flowers Ro made because she thinks they are beautiful. Eliot should bring an actual glider." I whish these gliders were big enough to carry both of us away" (page 352). this would make the trip easier and she can watch the stars at night.

my first imperssoin of Elliot North

Elliot is the type of person where she trusts what the society is saying. she likes stars, gliders, and flowers. Eliot is also a really intelligent person Because"Of course they were only two the innovations had never discovered any horses-any enormous, incredibly fast, impossibly beautiful, amazingly strong horses. they made them." (page number318) Elliot knew they were not real horses they were robots because the innovations made them.