Gregor Mendel

Founder of physics

Early years

Something that he seceded at was that he discovered how genetics worked and why we might/might not look like our parents.

Experimental design

Gregor Mendel was very determined to go to school and be the best he could be. He went to many different schools seeking the knowledge of how the human traits worked. Later Mendel mixed pea plants and he found out why we might/might not look like our parents.


He used pea plants to help find out why you only have some a few physical traits from your parents. With this he learned how some traits you get from your parents and the other ones you can see.


They did not take him serious because they did not think that human body’s would be related to pea plants.


He found out how they work and why some people don’t look like there parents.

Gregor Mendel disruption

He is the first scientist who really studied genetics and traits in the human body's cells.



Definition:Gene that will over power another thing


Definition:Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene


Definition:gene that is neither dominant nor recessive