ASPIRE 5th Weekly News

December 5, 2015

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On Thursday, December 3rd, the ASPIRE Academy was honored by the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented (TAGT) at their Inspire Awards Ceremony. We were nominated and then chosen to receive the Innovation in GT Award. This is a new award for TAGT which seeks to recognize and showcase exemplary projects, programs or ideas that address the unique needs of gifted students in innovative ways.

Dates to Remember:

December 7-12- Computer Science Education Week = International Hour of Code

December 10 - FIELD TRIP - To the Bureau of Printing and Engraving

December 11 - Geography Bee - 1:00 pm, location TBA

December 15 - Spelling Bee Qualifying Test

December 17 - Holiday Party

December 18 - Early Dismissal

January 28 - FIELD TRIP - SMU President Bush Library

Hour of Code 2015

Next Week in Our Classes


6th Grade Accelerated Math
  • Using scale factor to draw similar figures

5th Grade Math

  • December is dividing with decimals month!
  • Math CATS
  • Participation in The Hour of Code



  • Book clubs- reading scholar selected books set during the Revolutionary War period while Thinking Like a Disciplinarian (Historian, Linguist, Philosopher, Psychologist, and Sociologist)

Social Studies

  • The Road to Revolution- exploring the economic causes of the Revolutionary War


  • Exploring the fracking process in North Texas.


  • Scholar led Book Club discussions
  • Collaborating with small groups
  • Presentations to class

A Peek at Last Week

Scientists at Work:

This week our scholars investigated the formation of fossil fuels by working together in a lab that simulated the different layers of deposits and how they were affected by pressure and heat which led to the formation of fossil fuels. Then they studied the geological time scale and created a museum display to share.

Humanities Fun:

This week the Scholars began analyzing the political and economic causes that led to the American Revolution. We also finished our bracketology - read more about this in the Order vs Chaos section of this newsletter.

Revolutionary Book Clubs:

This week the Scholars chose historical fiction novels set during the time period of the Revolutionary War. Some book clubs have 2 members and some have as many as 5. Students previewed 9 of the 13 different novels available and then narrowed their list to their top 3. Then they voted with their feet as they grouped and in some cases regrouped to determine which book club they would take part in. Now the reading begins...

Order and Chaos in ASPIRE

This week the order and chaos of bracketology ran through the ASPIRE 5 classes. Our "Sweet 16" were Revolutionary Heroes and our mission was to decide, "Which Revolutionary hero had the greatest, lasting impact on the future of America?"

Once we got to the Final 4, passions ran high as students volleyed back and forth reasons why one candidate should be chosen over the other. William Penn vs James Armistead. George Washington vs Benjamin Franklin. Then the finals - James Armistead vs Benjamin Franklin. More arguments back and forth - spy vs ambassador - a very close race. Students had to justify their vote through a writing piece, but Ben pulled it out in the end with a score of 13-16!

5th Grade Holiday Party

If you’d like to help with the holiday party, please go to... The Winter Holiday Party will be Thursday, December 17th, starting at lunch and continuing until almost the end of the school day.

Glenhope Talent Show

Each and every 5th-grader is invited to perform in a ‘G-Rated’ choreographed grade-level performance of the Whip It/Nae Nae for the Glenhope Talent Show February 5th. Practices will be held during recess each Wednesday/Friday in the months of December and January, starting Wednesday, December 9th. Students are allowed to perform both an individual/small group act and in the grade-level act as well. If you’d like more information, please check the 5th-Grade Parents Facebook page for more details or email BEFORE December 9th. Parental permission and online registration are required. (See link below.)

Giving Tree For GRACE

Glenhope’s Giving Tree for GRACE will be set up in the main hallway beginning Friday, November 20th! If you would like to help a family in need, please choose an ornament from the tree, and return the unwrapped item by Wednesday, December 16th.

5th Grade Video Photos

Did you receive the letter explaining how to submit photos for the 5th-grade video? If not, please ask your student to check their mailbox at school or visit the 5th-Grade Parents Facebook page for more details. The letter was sent home before Thanksgiving break. Just FYI - the first due date for photos is December 19th. Please email Liz Chalmers at if you have any questions.

Reading Rewards and the 40 Book Challenge

According to our goal setting conferences with our scholars, the most difficult part of the 40 book Challenge is not reading 40 books - but reading books from many different genres. Encourage your scholar to branch out and read a book from a different genre than their favorite! One of the ways the scholars may keep track of the books they read for the 40 Book Challenge is to use All of our scholars are now enrolled in our class!


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Looking forward to next week!