K-2 Team Newsletter

April 27, 2020

Principal's Message

As we head into the month of May this Friday, it’s hard to believe we will have completed the entire month of April engaged in distance learning. This new reality was not something we expected but something we rose to the occasion to continue and provide a world-class education for our scholars as outlined in our EEP mission. Thanks again for ALL you are doing for our K-2 scholars. I am beyond proud of our team and what we are accomplishing during these uncertain times! I am looking forward to what "good" the month of May will bring for us!
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School Wide Focus

Distance Learning Plan

I hoped you enjoyed the K-8 PD and a special shout out to Caroline M. for representing the K-2 team during the share out portion! Remember you don't have to change anything for the lessons going into this week (April 27-May 1). During our upcoming grade level meetings please be prepared to share out what items you enjoyed and will incorporate into your online classrooms. We have our own PD prepared for the K-2 team on ideas we think could be great as well. The lessons beginning (May 4-8) will kick off our distance learning 2.0! In the meantime, if you find something that was shared and you really want to incorporate it now just reach out to your coach during office hours to discuss it.

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Deans of Academics

We are so proud of all of the very hard work y’all are pouring into Google Classroom, your scholars, and their families during this really hard and scary time. Every single K-2 team member is doing a wonderful job figuring out ways to support our K-2 scholars in the best way possible - we are incredibly impressed by this team every day!

Recap...What’s Due this Week???

  • Office Hours (posted to your classroom)

  • Grade Team Meeting

  • Check in calls with your scholars (update on communication log)

  • Plan, record, and upload the videos and assignments to all grade level classrooms for the content for which you are responsible for by 5 pm Friday, May 1st.

  • K-2 Team Meeting

May 1st

  • DUE: All Teacher Videos and Student Assignments for week of May 4th uploaded and assigned in Google Classroom by 5 P.M Friday, May 1st (incorporating 2.0 ideas)

  • DUE: Phone calls to all scholars and special comments if needed → Week 6 Log

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Dean of Culture

Hey TEAM! Please encourage scholars and families to watch this week’s Friday Motivation Video - linked below!

In the week’s video we shoutout scholars who are doing excellent work online, the scholars of the week, pump up the habit of the month, and we rolled out our “Masked Singer” incentive.

Masked Singer Zoom Incentive Event is THIS FRIDAY!!!

  • Teachers all week encourage scholars to complete as many assignments online as possible

  • Scholars that are in the top 20 (however many you would like to invite no more than 20) will be invited to attend an online ZOOM Live Event this Friday, May 1st

  • A teacher from each grade will perform a song (verse and a chorus) with a mask on and scholars will have the opportunity to respond to a poll about who they think the masked singer maybe

  • There will also be virtual giveaways, admin judges, and a celebrity guest

  • Top 240 scholars attend (20 from each class)

Scholar of the Week

Teachers you will choose the scholar of the week if it is your will to choose like we do leadership tee. You will have them send you a picture by Friday and email the picture and brief description of why they are the Scholar of the week.

For the week of May 1st

Kinder- Eckerd

1st- Texas

2nd- Auburn


Week 04/20: The grade with the most scholars complete the SEL Lesson of the week (see below)!!

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WIG Goal Next Week 04/27: The grade with the most scholars on google classroom

Friday Motivation Video

Friday Morning Motivation - EEP K-2 April 24, 2020
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Dean of SEL

This week we are still working on mindfulness and adding in some self-compassion. I will be reading a book about this topic for scholars to respond to. Please remember that this is a hard time for us all, and you (teachers) deserve self-compassion too! Reach out if you want to talk or want more resources. You are all appreciated!

Habit of the Month

Sharpen the Saw: fuel your body and mind at the same time. Eat to nourish your body and be mindful of all you do. Pay attention to how often you are moving your body, growing your brain, and resting at night. It’s hard to balance all of these things from home, but you can ask someone else to make sure that you are doing these things together. You may even need to help grown ups make sure that they are doing these things!

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Staffing 20-21

As shared Friday we are still in the process of final interviews etc... as far as closing out 20-21 hiring. I know everyone is anxious about placements and I promise to give you our K-2 teaching cohort updates by the end of April. There is so much going on and many factors to consider. I truly appreciate your patience!

Q3 Report Cards

Quarter 3 report card grades were emailed to parents on April 24th (click here to read the letter that accompanied the grades). If you hear from a parent that they did not get their child's report card, please ask for their updated email address. Then, send the student's name and parent email address to Ms. Wahidi and April Welch. They will send the parent the student's report card.
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Upcoming Events

April 28th

  • 1st GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

April 29th

  • Kinder GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

April 30th

  • 2nd GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

May 1st

  • K-2 Team PD 2:00-3:00 pm


May 11th

  • Jessica's Bday

May 23rd

  • Victoria's Bday
May 25th
  • Abbie's Bday

May 29th

  • Macie's Bday
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Shout Out to Nicole for including her family in her morning message!

Shout Out to Melanie for her strong “All About” writing plans and videos!

Shout Out to Yolanda and Jaleela for some thoughtful yet fun conversation about a special scholar!

Shout Out to Liza for her willingness to experiment in her Google Classroom to better support her parents and families!

Shout Out to Tori for her awesome resources for SEL lessons and self-care for teachers!

Shout Out to Ayana and Molly for planning and prep 20-21 curriculum, google classroom feedback, and all the academic things in life!

Shout Out to Macie for sending Crystalline an amazing idea for how to engage scholars and parents at the end of the school year!

Shout Out to Molly for thinking through family engagement for the upcoming year!

Shout Out to Caroline M for her amazing presentation and showing us the cutest video!

Shout Out to Caroline Rhodes for working overtime to recruit amazing talent to our school

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  • Reach out to Dr. P and Rhodes if you are ill and will not be able to work
  • Accept all Google calendar meeting invites and communicate with your coach and Dr. P if you are not going to make it
  • Review the quick find docs below for any documents/resources you may need
  • Remember to smile...WE GOT THIS

Quick Find Docs

Scholar Communication Log click here

Family Call Script click here

Translation Services Needed click here

EEP Distance Learning FAQs click here

K-2 Distance Learning PPT click here

K-2 Wrap Up PPTs Week 1 Week 2 Week 4

Staff Office Hours click here

Scholar Email Addresses click here

Parent Email and Contact Info click here

Daily Expectations for Teachers click here

Weekly Scope and Sequence click here

Good Idea Spotlight click here

MOBC COVID-19 Resources here

K-8 PD click here

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal