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Tools and Techniques to make your life run more smoothly

What This is About

Every Tuesday after school Mindy and I will be putting on a technology session from 2:45-3:00. During this time we will quickly preview a few tools and techniques to make technology a little less daunting and a bit more liberating to your day.

After 3:00 we might be available (depending on our schedules) to help answer individual questions. Please feel free to contact us via email if you ever need help integrating technology into your classroom.

Use this app to scan student work, a PD document, recipe, or any other piece of paper you want to save. The app creates a digital copy of that document and then allows you to save it to your email, Evernote, Camera Roll, along with a multitude of other locations.

Music Programs

Music can be a great motivator for students when they work independently. It can calm the stressed out math student during tests. Below are some suggestions as to how to put a calm tune in the air.

Photo Stream Collaboration Tool

This next program will stretch your tech muscles (don't worry, if you need help I'll be there for ya!) If you follow the steps in the video (including emailing me so I send you the link) you'll be ready to collaborate with fellow teachers.

Every time you see a great idea in class, a great resource, or something you think others can benefit from, you can send that idea to shared folder. Watch the video to find out how.

Setting Up photo stream

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PuppetPals HD

Students can create an animated play and narrate it.

Relax Sounds App

Plug the audio speakers into your device from the back of your computer. Play relaxing sounds throughout the day.

TME Resource Page

Find and leave great ideas that will benefit your fellow colleagues.