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Are you in love with Canvas yet?

Canvas (Weekday Sessions)

Can't make it to the Saturday sessions? Or, you can and will be there, but still want some extra Canvas help? Look no further! In these weekday sessions, we'll make sure your basic Canvas knowledge is covered as well as how Canvas looks on the tablet for you and your students. I am available to come to you at your convenience for 30-45 minute sessions. Please check your email for Saturday work session ($100). See the days of availability below and sign up for a time via the buttons below. See you in Canvas!

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Black History Resources

Click this button for a quick shareable resource for your students.

#BHM Resources

cheer PLEF's Pep Talk! This time of the year without FOOTBALL!

Are you ready for some football?! As we bid adieu to this (somewhat controversial) season of football, wouldn't it be nice if the teaching profession was as high-profile as the profession of football? Before you get too deep on me, the resemblances are a bit uncanny. For example, teachers work better when we play as a team, we celebrate gains--no matter how small and when we "touch down" with that struggling student, we celebrate! Don't forget to celebrate the small gains because they will ultimately lead to victory. In the meantime, enjoy a break from reality with the short video below. Go team!
If Teachers Were Football Players

The Reason for the Season - Reflective Practice

Teaching is a high pressure, fast-paced vocation. Yet it is important to reflect throughout the mania that is our day. When I think about reflection, I examine Dr. King and the considerations he made during the post-Bloody Sunday attempt to march from Selma to Montgomery.
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Health/PE: Use Padlet for Running Logs!

Many of you are familiar with Padlet as a source for students to post quick feedback. But have you ever thought about using this an exercise log? Even for personal use, this could be awesome! Check out the link below for a visual, then head over to Padlet to create one for yourself or you students! Let me know if you have questions about creating a Padlet. (It's super easy!)

Food for Thought

Mindset Dojo

There is a lot of buzz about mindset in education lately. Mindset by Carol Dweck, Math Mindsets by Jo Boaler and Stanford University's free YouCubed course, "How to Learn Math" for all levels are some of the more popular sources of information. Now, Class Dojo has jumped into the conversation. See one of the videos below all about the effect of the growth mindset (vs. the fixed mindset).
Big Ideas for the classroom: Growth Mindset - Episode 1/5

Classroom Hacks!

Ms. Doubtfire: The Horror Movie??

Much like life hacks, classroom hacks are new uses for "old stuff". Check out the familiar movie trailer below, "Ms. Doubtfire". Fun, lighthearted and cheeky, right? Well, the version below takes on an entirely different tone. There are tons of movie trailers out there flipping the tone of popular movies. Great conversation for mood and tone. Check them out....if you dare! ;) *warning: preview for language check before sharing with students*
Mrs Doubtfire recut as a horror movie
If FROZEN Was A Horror Film
THE ORIGINAL Scary 'Mary Poppins' Recut Trailer

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