2017 HBMS Night Under the Stars

Stargazing with HBMS and the Austin Astronomical Society

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You are invited to a night of stargazing and telescope viewing with HBMS and the Austin Astronomical Society!

Open only to HBMS 8th graders and their families -- Stargazing on this evening is limited to 100 students and their families, so sign up and get your spot reserved early!

What are the details of this event?

Please join us on Friday evening, March 31st from 5:45 PM to 9:30 PM.

Please park in the school parking lot and meet us in the 8th grade house at 5:45 PM (if family is attending.) If only your student is attending, they are welcome to stay after school with us until the event. We'll keep them entertained and we'll have pizza for sale!

Permission slips are required in order to reserve seats on the bus for your student (and for you if you are attending with them!) Families welcome, please join us!

Several astronomers and their telescopes will be assembled for our evening of viewing. Each telescope will allow us to view different astronomical objects! Which objects are in viewing range varies from season to season, month to month, and hour to hour, but astronomers are set up and ready to show us the the beautiful Texas night sky.

How do you sign up? Fill in the permission slip (your child will find it on their science schoology page) and return it to your 8th grade science teacher, and then we'll see you on the 31st for a night under the stars with the Austin Astronomical Society! Please have students turn in their permission slips to their science teacher, or email the forms (a photo of the form is fine) to mclarenj@ltisdschools.org no later than Thursday, March 30th at 4:00 PM.

This event is weather dependent - a cloudy night or rain in the forecast will result in no stargazing with telescopes, so please check schoology right before the event to make sure the event has not been cancelled.

Our 2nd Annual Night Under the Stars Astronomy Event

Friday, March 31st, 5:45pm

15600 Lariat Trail

Austin, TX

Some things to consider prior to your arrival:

1. Dress more warmly than you think you need to!
2. Please do not bring flashlights or use flashlights on phones... our vision will adjust to the dark but if you use a light, our eyes must adjust to the dark all over again! After one light interference, it takes 20 minutes for our eyes to readjust to the darkness for optimal night sky viewing.
4. The Austin Astronomical Society appreciates your donations so they can continue working towards the science education of Austin; please consider donating! Send $1 or $2 if possible with your child's permission slip.
5. Please view through telescopes with your hands clasped behind your back, so you do not bump or move the telescope.
6. Younger children will not understand what they are seeing through the telescope, and may bump or break the astronomer's telescopes. Please do not bring very young children to the event, or if you bring them, please monitor their play as to not bother others.
7. Pizza and snacks will be sold at the event, but cannot be brought to the viewing area. Food ruins telescopes and people step in your discarded food in the darkness. Please finish your snacks before departing HBMS.
8. Feel free to bring binoculars if you like! The moon and stars are beautiful through a simple pair of binoculars. We hope you enjoy our night of stargazing!


March 30th by 4:00 PM - turn in permission slip with number of people attending

March 31st - when you arrive, please:

a) 5:45 PM check in with your 8th grade science teacher in the 8th grade house
b) attend the orientation on stargazing etiquette

c) buy pizza and donate a few dollars to the austin astronomical society
6:30 PM - load buses at HBMS which will take us 5 minutes to the observation area
9:30 PM - reload buses and return to HBMS

9:35 PM - pickup your students or get to your parked cars to go home, happy Friday!

Special thanks to the Austin Astronomical Society, and the LCRA for making this event possible. Hudson Bend Middle School appreciates your partnership in education!

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