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Should schools ban cell phones?

Should school ban phones?

Phones cost a lot of money?

Cell phones are also valuable items that kids want these day’s. Also students are discouraged from bringing their expensive things to school like ipod, digicams, Iphone, Galaxies and other expensive technologie . If a cell phone gets lost or stolen or even falls but they say it was the school's fought, it might be blamed on the school because it was on the school ground but really it wasn’t.

Do you trust your kids?

Some parents want kids to have cellphones in school for like emergencies, but I think it’s not necessary to bring phones, but some people think it is necessary to bring phone to school. If kids need to call home or anything else there are phones in the school’s office. But I think that kids don’t want the phone for emergencies or to call home, I think its too just to show them off to their friends or other people and take pictures or just to get cool apps and then play the games that they have. Students will be tempted to play on their cell phones and call each other like their friends from other classes, they wouldn’t know what to do when they're playing games and texting when they are told to do something for reading, writing, math, language, science or other work.

Phones can be helpful phone?

Also, I do not think that schools should ban the use of cellphones. Cell Phones can used as safety tools. Like if some kids might need a cellphone to contact their parents in case of an emergency or is something has come up at school that might make them late.Also, if there is an emergency such as a fire or power outage at your school, the cellphone could be used to call 911. You could also phone your parents to let them know that you’re okay.

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Cell Phones in Class
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