Grade 1 BMS

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Up-And-Coming Field Trips

Friday, 29 April

Planetarium am Insulaner - Sonne-Mond-Erde

We must leave school by 8.30 at the latest

More information will follow in upcoming Grade 1 updates!

Unit of Inquiry Content - Who we are

- healthy choices expert groups - sorting out, practicing communication skills, presenting

- making safe choices

- parent and expert guests sharing

- thinking like a doctor: advice to fictional characters to live a healthier lifestyle

Language Content

- phase 4 high frequency words

- revision of phase 2 and 3 sounds

- nouns, adjectives, verbs

- punctuation

- connectives

- dictionary skill: alphabetical order

- grammar

- explanation texts: writing drafts for healthy choices pamphlets

Math Content

- decomposing/composing numbers to 10

- addition and subtraction strategies working with numbers to 20 - e.g. doubles, near doubles, thinking about addition for subtraction, 3 + 4 = 7, so 13 + 4 = 17

- place value

- story problems

- skip counting

- time - o'clock and half past

German Content

- learning new sound "z"

- visiting our preschool buddy class

- continuous practice of self editing strategies

- writing about spring and finding words that are connected to spring


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Spelling homework

The students will test each other and select new spelling words every Friday (starting tomorrow). They can practice their words at home using the different word work strategies (distributed at 3 way conferences). The following link is an online tool which in also useful for thinking about the spelling of their selected words -

Word lists are individual and based on mistakes made in class and assessments. The children will receive a spelling book where they will record their weekly spelling words and which can also be used to complete the word work strategies. This book needs to go to and from school in their homework folder everyday as it will also be used in the classroom when the students are practicing their spelling words and taking their weekly test.

Homework reminders:

  • German homework is distributed every Thursday and expected back by Wednesday.
  • It is recommended that first grade students complete 10 minutes of homework a night. This might mean that some take home readers need to be read over multiple nights. What type of homework is done (e.g. Mathletics, spelling, Unit of Inquiry, reading) is up to you and your child, however it is recommended that regular reading practice takes place.

Ways To Help At Home

- revise alphabet sounds and names

- practice reading phase 2, 3 and 4 high frequency words

- explore dictionaries and discuss how they work

- practice skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's

- practice telling the time - o'clock and half past

Twinkl Phonics Suite (plus) (German App Store Link) -