Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Author: John Boyne

Primary Setting

Thsi story took place in Auschwitze, Poland

Main conflict

The main conflict is about Bruno and Schmuel's friendship that they have togrther

Events from the beginning

Bruno and his family are having to move to a new house that is in a different town. This effects the story because Bruno is having to move away from all of his friends,and moving is changing his envirement.

Bruno is talking about his father in a bad way and Bruno's thought his dad heard him because there was a sound from his room but it ended up being one of his fathers soldiers. This effects the story because it could have changed Bruno's dads perspective on his job if he would've heard what Bruno was saying about him.

Events from the middle

Bruno was exploring outside walking the fence and he was just about to turn around when he saw a person in the distance which ends up being a boy named schmuel who is about Bruno's age.

Bruno hears his dad talking about his job to one of his family members and Bruno overheard the conversation his dad was having and he found out that his dad was working for the fury but Bruno didn't know what that was at the time the conversation was going on

Events from from the end

Bruno is finding out that he is moving back to Berlin because his father was always being confronted by his mother a lot because she was wanting to move back to Berlin so Bruno wanted to meet schmuel before he left. This effects the story because when Bruno leaves he might not come back.

Bruno meets with schmuel and he wanted to help schmuel look for his father so he gets into disguise so then no one would recognize him on either side of the fence and when Bruno leaves he dies on the other side of the fence. This effects the story because when Bruno died his father sent out soldiers looking for him and all of his family was sad because he was gone and they didn't know where he was so they just thought that he had died or had gotten killed.

Important Characters

Bruno, and Schmuel