Food for Thought

January 16, 2015

Engaged to be Effective

Opinion Continuum

A strategy from Academic Conversations

1. Half the class receives a continuum (each end representing each side of a debate. ie new park or new school)

2. Each student with a continuum has to meet with a student without a continuum

3. The non-continuum students need to decide where they fall on the line and elaborate/clarify their position to their partner

4. At the end, the students with the sheets have to place themselves on the continuum while taking their partners' beliefs into consideration.

Email Rupal if you would like to see this modeled!

Everyday Amazings

Sixth Graders Create Earthquake Proof Buildings

Students were asked to work together to build an earthquake proof structure. However, they had to jump through some hoops! Teams were required to build a two-story structure with only 50 straws and one roll of tape. They needed to test their structure throughout the process to ensure that theirs would hold the most weight. When it came time for testing, one structure stood held a whopping Digits Math textbook!

You Rock!

  • I would love to thank my "roommates" Annette Mongovan, Erika Rosenberg, and Julian Vena for being so welcoming, supportive, and answering all of my questions.........they rock!!
  • Yolanda rocks for running the front office like a well oiled machine!
  • Michelle rocks for organizing all of the testing booklets!
  • 2nd Language Team rocks for surviving the first week of Access Testing. THANK YOU!
  • Kate and Sheri rock for helping out their colleague in a time of need.
  • Heather and Sheri rock for partnering up for performance tasks.
  • Kindergarten rocks for exploring Math integration among all classes!
  • Nancy and the Book Club rock for wanting to dive into the 2nd book ENJOY! Looking forward to the ideas you bring to the building benefiting our students.
  • Joe rocks for organizing 2 Ball!

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