Presidential Pamphlet: Help Wanted!

By: Abby Jansen and Madison Conway

Constitutional Requirements

- A potential president must be 35 years or older

- They must have been a resident of the United States for at least 14 years

- Must be a native born citizen

Salary, Benefits, and Perks

- Salary: $400,000

- Benefits and perks include $50K non-taxable expense account, $100K personal allowance for food, travel and entertainment, White House, personal staff, retreat home, guest house, medical and dental care, secret service protection, private transportation

Constitutional Powers

- Executive: Appointing cabinet members, appointing heads of executive departments, deliver State of the Union speech, appoint ambassadors and federal judges, recieve ambassadors, act as Commander in Chief

- Diplomatic: Call houses of Congress into session, grant pardons and reprieves, commission military officers of the US

- Legislative Judicial: Ensures all laws passed by Congress are carried out, make treaties with advice and consent of the Senate,

Most Important Power: As president, we believe the most important power of the president is to make treaties under the counsel of the Senate. In an ever changing world, it is important that the president be available and willing to make necessary treaties in times of war with our country's best interest at hand.

Recommended Leadership Qualities and Skills

1. Consensus Building - involving multiple perspectives and opinions so that all parties are considered

2. Ability to facilitate - ability to conduct open meetings where important information is shared

3. Trust between government and the people - the president is responsible for restoring trust in this relationship

4. Motivation - responsible for giving confidence to a fatigued nation

5. Level 5 leader - must be someone who is capable of bringing people together in order to create a more unified nation

Roles of the President

- Chief of State: responsible for performing ceremonial functions

- Chief Executive: boss of government workers, law enforcer

- Commander in Chief: leader of the nation's armed forces

- Chief Diplomat: director of US foreign policy

- Chief Legislator: responsible for signing or vetoing all bills of Congress

- Economic Planner: expected to help the economy so that it may run smoothly

- Political Party Leader: leader of his/her own political party

If I Were President...

The issue of guns has unfortunately become a very popular issue amongst society. If I were president, this would be one of the first issues I would address as it has become a crucial part to society. In order to implement an increase in gun control therefore reducing the number of innocent lives lost, immediate action would need to be taken. I would start by using my Chief of State power to gain support from the nation. I would have a speech televised in which I would explain to all US citizens my intentions to increase gun control in order to decrease the number of traumatic shootings throughout our nation. This would allow me to gain support from not only US citizens, but also members of the Hosue and Senate. My next step would be to work with my supporters to write a bill details the specifics of the increase in gun control. These steps would be the first to many, but would hopefully also be the first steps to a safer and more unified nation.