Inside a computer

by chelsey bird

Touch screen

A Touch screen alows people to interact with a phone,ipad, ipod ect. whitch is by touching loads of different area's on the screen. It decect or locates the human finger on the screen and then it allows it to then scroll down and click on things and many more.


A hard drive is something thats stores data on for you and then you can go back to it another day. It is also known as a hard disk it's a place where in a modern computer all of the files and programs are stored, so if the hard drive gets damaged for some reason, you will lose everything you have done


monitors display your data so you can see it. the monitor can turn off without shutting the computer down. they have several buttons such as the menu botton, the auto button adn the power button


It is the main circuit board of your computer and it is also known as a mainboard or logic board. if you ever open your computer, the biggest piece of silcon you seen is the motherboard.


CPU is the central processing unit. Basically its the brain of the computer. The first CPU's were used in the early 1960's. They were custom designed as part of a larger computer, making them more expensive. When CPU usage is very high, PC process may slow down to an unbearable, glacial pace.CPU usage is the time that a copmuter's central processing unit is occupied performing a task, usally calaculated as a percentage of the computer's total CPU processing capacity


ROM is an acronym fpor read-omly memory. It refers to computer memory clips containing permanent or semi-permanent data. ROM is non-volatile;even after you turn off your computer, the contents of ROM will remain.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory (RAM). Main store (or computer memory).