cold war

war between the sovuet union & U.S.

Cold War

The Cold War started in b1945-1948.

Causes of the Cold War

  • American feared of communist attack
  • Truman’s dislike of Stalin
  • USSR’s fear of the American’s atomic bomb
  • USSR’s dislike of capitalism
  • USSR’s actions in the Soviet zone of Germany
  • America’s refusal to share nuclear secrets
  • USSR’s expansion west into Eastern Europe + broken election promises
  • USSR’s fear of American attack
  • USSR’s need for a secure western border
  • USSR’s aim of spreading world communism

Effects of the Cold War

1) The Berlin wall fell

2) The Soviet Union fell

3) Communism ended

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THE COLD WAR - PART 1: From World War to Cold War

September 11th Terror attack

9/11 started in Sep 11,2001. The attack on 9/11 was the attack on the twins towers in New York. The attack happen when these 2 terrorist got on the plane and killed the pilot. The terrorist took control of the plane and turned around to New York and crashed into the twins tower. It killed a lot of people. The people was scared and was running from the attack. The cause of the attack are that the twins tower fell to the ground. The workers in the hotel next to the twins tower held a shaking sound outside. The person at the Desk was talking about the Attack. After the attack the person at the desk in the hotel joined the army.