Wondrous World's Fair

Audrey Bramlett

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The St. Louis World’s Fair was an extremely important event in history. The World’s Fair was where inventors came to share their ideas. This event had some interesting creations that shaped our history too. Did you know that waffle cones came from that event or those other inventions that changed the world? In this piece you are sure to find answers on what, when where and why The World’s Fair happened, all the creative inventions that the scientists showed off, and the improvement on the inventions.

What, When, Where, Why?

This affair happened on 1904 April 30th. Inventions left and right were to be seen and it all happened in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO. They held this event because people wanted to recognize the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, expo for short. For it had been the 100th anniversary at the time. This event is for intelligent inventors to show off their creations. At the time, technology had taken a big step so they showed how science and engineering was changing- and it still is today! Fascinating inventions were there but, I am not going to give that away quite yet.

Interesting Inventions!

Many inventions introduced in the World’s Fair, we still use today. Not only that, but even one of the inventions was made at the event. The waffle cone! The ice cream cart and the waffle cart were close, and it was a hot day, so the ice cream cart sold out of cups. The waffle cart did not sell so well so they wrapped the waffle in the ice cream. This became a big hit, so big we still eat waffle cones today and around the world! As much as waffle cone being a big hit, so was the latest and most recognized invention.

This invention called electricity was created by a famous scientist named Thomas Edison. Somethings they had at that exhibit were the light bulb, electrical outlets, electrical kitchen appliances, and so much more! Other inventions at the World’s Fair were coal powered engines, and with that, the automobile with a top speed of 40mph and 40 horsepower! Other inventions you may have not known might have been the x- ray, submarine, and with people in awe, the fax machine. The last invention in my list is the airplane. The plane showed there would be used for single passengers and wars. In fact, the passenger plane was invented 20 years later.

Improvement on Inventions

Technology has improved so much since the World’s Fair of St. Louis. Electricity had most likely changed the most. Not only that, but we use electricity way more than the people 115 years ago. Vacuum cleaners and washing machines were just coming out and they were still too expensive for the middle class family! As electricity changed, so did the use; TVs had just been invented in the 1930s and telephones were a big thing but still landlines. Airplanes have also changed their shape and size. When the first planes came out, as you know they we're used for a single person in wars. Then the passenger planes came to the market! Some of the inventions were not improved like the waffle cone.

To wrap it all up...

Without the World’s Fair, today would certainly be different. It had a large impact on history and technology. You know how it all started, what inventions were showcased there, and the World’s Fair improvement. Before I go you can get more information at...

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Vocabulary Words

Invention- a creation

Fair- a place where many people come for many different reasons

Technology- application of scientific knowledge into an invention