Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Friday, January 8, 2016 - General News

Happy New Year!! Best wishes to all of our 2K families for a healthy, happy, and educational new year!

  • Spelling lists went home on Thursday for List #16. Our test will be on Thursday, January 14th.
  • During the Fall Conferences, many 2K parents/guardians expressed an interest in coming into our class to share something from your culture. Please contact me to set a time. I will make Thursdays (2:45 - 3:10), available for those interested in presenting. Your children and I would love to have you share with the class!!
  • For those participating in the Theater Club, our next meeting/rehearsal will be on Monday, January 25th.
  • Brrrrr! The children go outside for recess everyday (except on the extremely cold days). Please be sure to send your child with outerwear they will be comfortable in.

Below are some wonderful web based resources (educational games) for your child.

Also, check out our 2nd Grade Google page, where you can find what we're doing in class (curriculum), homework, MORE pictures and what's coming up! Check them out!!




Next week:


School Improvement Day - No Student Attendance




P.E. & Music


P.E. & Spelling Test for List 16


Music & Library

If you have questions or concerns, I can be reached either by email at elizabeth_kesler@ipsd.org or telephone at 630/375-3544. If you do not hear back from me right away, please know that I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible (this may be after school). If there is an emergency, please call the school office.

Have a marvelous weekend!

Week 16 & 17 Spelling Lists

Spelling List 16: wrong, study, school, between, ask (Test will be on 1/14)

Spelling List 17: should, view, large, almost, only

English and Language Arts (ELA)


For reading last week, we continued reading nonfiction texts on penguins. We are focusing on questioning. We began reading The S.O.S. Files, which provides great examples of personal narrative writing.

Word Study

Last week we reviewed nouns, pronouns, verbs, CVC words like "-ine (pine) and -ide (side)". The students also learned about antonyms. You might want to ask your child what an antonym is (opposites). Have them tell you what the antonym for stop is.


We began expository writing this week, starting with researching penguins and taking notes. So far, we've learned about the Emperor Penguin and the King Penguin. Have your child explain some of the differences between the two penguin types and how they are alike.

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In Math we began Unit 4. The students worked on solving one and two step addition and subtraction number stories. They also worked on using place value to add and subtract within 100.

Sharing Math Thinking

Social Studies

This last week we began learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his younger years (his childhood, family, and education).

Second Step

Second Step

In Second Step this week, we learned about predicting other's feelings. We also learned to be assertive and ask questions about an incident, before blaming someone for something.

Reflections of a 2nd Grader


Jose: “I learned new math skills like 100+20=120. I can focus on being good and getting 10 points.”

Keira: “I learned when Martin Luther King was born. I also learned that the Little Blues are the smallest penguins.”

Laly: “I learned that King penguins hunt for their food. I did good at P.E. I <3 School!”

Emma: “I learned another way to add and subtract. I learned about number bonds.”

Ishmaiah: “I do good with the card and I should do it every day. I learned that I can add and subtract using +10, +9, and ten partners’ strategies.”

Aleena: “I learned about “e”. Math went well.”

Diana: “I learned about adding 9 to a number and the plus 10 strategy.”

Davier: “P.E. went well today. I learned about the +9 strategy.”

Mallory: “I learned some facts about Martin Luther King Jr. I will use my self-talk to try to focus.”

Gavin: “I learned about asking for stuff and saying please and thanking people. I learned how to solve one and two step number stories using addition and subtraction strategies.”

Julian: “I learned about Martin Luther King. He could not play with his friends. Martin Luther King got shot.”

Kiara: “I learned about Martin Luther King. Gym went well today. J”

Alex: “I learned about number bonds, -ide words, and that I can get more points.”

Fayo: “I learned about tens, ones, and hundreds. I also learned about number sentences.”

Channuri: “I learned a little more about Martin Luther King Jr. The most important thing I learned is about Martin Luther King Jr.”

Jocelyn: “I learned about –ide words and number bonds.”

Logan: “I learned about Martin Luther King. I need to focus. “

Aria: “I learned the Arrow Method to solve math problems.”

Noah: “ I learned that the e in ridge does not make the i say it’s name because the e can’t stretch that far. The most important thing I learned was the Arrow Method in math.

Jazmin: “I learned that Martin Luther King was shot. I learned that Martin Luther King changed the world.”

Kassidy: “I learned about making tends and ones.”

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