a kid named martin has a fear of elivators. when one day a lady gets on with him. the lady is fat,so thire is not that much room. the lady likes to stare at him. when he got off one day the lady fallowed him and he ran doun the stairs and fell, the lady was gone. his dad takes him to the docter for his leg.he gats a cast and cruches. he gets on and is dad is thier so hes not scared but the elivator stops and his dad gets off, he stays one becaus his dad said he cant come. the elivator stops and the fat lady gets on, she presses the stop button.


if martin wasint scared he wouldent have run thus not cousing him to break ih leg. if his leg wasint broken and he was not scared he would have bin able to get off with his dad.

conflict: martin brok his leg so he has to stay on the elivator.

theme: becaus martin is skinny so he broke his leg.

the end