Community Newsletter for Stockbridge High


In this issue:

  • A Letter from the Principal
  • Personalized Learning in SHS
  • Events around the Bridge
  • Assistant Principals' Corner
  • Prom 2018 Information
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A Letter from the Principal

NEW in SHS: Student Conductor Tardy system

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We want to inform you that Stockbridge High School has partnered with Student Conductor to bring a new and modern way to effectively process tardies, disciplines and fines that occur at our school. As a result, you will begin to receive instant notifications via email when your child incurs any tardies, disciplines or fines throughout the school year. This system enhances our communication and accountability and will greatly benefit the school, you the parent/guardian and your child. While the system is designed to communicate through email, if you would like to opt-in to text message notifications, that feature is also available. To opt-in to text notifications, please contact our office at 770-474-8747 and provide us with your cell phone number and the cell phone carrier you use. Up to two cell phone numbers can be added.

If you have any further questions, please contact the school office.

Eric Watson, Ed. S.


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Personalized Learning in SHS

Life Lessons on Advisory this Semester

Stockbridge High continues its WE OWN IT advisory program this semester! Just to recap, we rolled out the beginning of advisory with a pre-advisory survey and we obtained topics that our Tigers WANT TO LEARN more about. We began with a Letter of Recommendation advisory on January 22, reminding students about the importance of having GREAT recommendation letters from individuals at school, work, or communities. We also had a self-reflection piece wherein the students think about the qualities that they would like for a reference to write about them and what actions they are taking/doing to fulfill this.

This semester, expect to have lessons like Financial Literacy (around tax day), Health and Relationships, ACT/SAT Information, and Life after High School! These lessons are REQUESTED and are created in-house! Get excited, SHS!

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Events Around the Bridge in January

Monday, Jan 8:

Staff Workday

Tuesday, Jan 9:

First Day of Second Semester

4:30 JV Girls Basketball @ Ola

6:00 V Girls Basketball @ Ola

7:30 V Boys Basketball @ Ola

Wednesday, Jan 10:

6:00 9th Boys Basketball @ Woodland

Thursday, Jan 11:

6:30 PTO General Meeting

Friday, Jan 12:

Pep Rally

4:00 JV Girls Basketball @ Woodland

5:30 JV Boys Basketball @ Woodland

7:00 V Girls Basketball @ Woodland

8:30 V Boys Basketball @ Woodland

Saturday, Jan 13:

11:00 9th Boys Basketball @ Salem

12:30 JV Girls Basketball @ Salem

2:00 JV Boys Basketball @ Salem

3:30 V Girls Basketball @ Salem

5:00 V Boys Basketball @ Salem

Monday, Jan 15:

NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day

4:30 V Girls Basketball @ Harris Co.

6:00 V Boys Basketball @ Harris Co.

Tuesday, Jan 16:

Grade Reports

4:30 JV Boys Basketball vs. Locust Grove @ SHS

6:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Locust Grove @ SHS

7:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Locust Grove @ SHS

Wednesday, Jan 17: SCHOOL CANCELED

SHS College Fair canceled

Thursday, Jan 18: SCHOOL CANCELED


Saturday, Jan 20:

1:30 9th Boys Basketball @ Eagles Landing

3:00 JV Girls Basketball @ Eagles Landing

4:30 JV Boys Basketball @ Eagles Landing

6:00 V Girls Basketball @ Eagles Landing

7:30 V Boys Basketball @ Eagles Landing

Monday, Jan 22:

Tuesday, Jan 23:

4:00 JV Girls Basketball vs. Dutchtown @ SHS

6:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Dutchtown @ SHS

7:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Dutchtown @ SHS

Wednesday, Jan 24:

JV Basketball County Tournament TBA

Thursday, Jan 25

Friday, Jan 26

6:00 V Girls Basketball @ Union Grove

7:30 V Boys Basketball @ Union Grove

Saturday, Jan 27

12:00 – 2:30 Swim County Championship @ the Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center

(9045 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, Ga 30236)

JV Basketball Championship TBA

Monday, Jan 29

Tuesday, Jan 30

6:00 V Girls Basketball vs. Hampton @ SHS – Senior Night

7:30 V Boys Basketball vs. Hampton @ SHS - Senior Night

Wednesday, Jan 31:

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Assistant Principals' Corner

from the Office of Cassandra Jackson

Attached is an “Everyday Preventive Action” plan that can assist in fighting the spread of germs such as the FLU. As well as a “Too Sick for School” information sheet. Please take the time out to read the attached flyers especially since we are in "flu season". Also a reminder that no student should be wearing a mask unless they have provided documentation to the clinic and have received approval from an administrator. Please feel free to contact the clinic if you have any additional concerns or questions. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

from the Office of Lavonda Clarington

Below is the timeline of testing that will occur this semester. Please plan accordingly.

January 17 -24 - Georgia Milestone Midmonth Administration

February 12 - 16 - Georgia Milestone Midmonth Administration

February 14th and 15th - MAP Testing (9th grade only)

March 13 - 21 - Georgia Milestone Midmonth Administration

April 11 - 20th - CTAE End of Pathway Assessments

May 7th - 18th - AP Exams

May 2nd - May 18th - Georgia Milestones

May 2nd -3rd - American Lit

May 4th - Economics

May 7th -8th - 9th Grade Lit

May 9th - Analytic Geometry

May 10th - Algebra I

May 11th - Makeup

May 14th - Physical Science

May 15th - US History

May 16th - Biology

May 17th - 18th - Makeup

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PROM 2018: Deep Sea Dreams

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Below is the link for our 2018 Prom. The packet needs to be read THOROUGHLY. Be aware of the prices, as it goes up closer to the event. The location is at the Georgia Aquarium downtown.