Common Literary Techniques

BY Laurence Ritchard 5/6C


It is the use of figurative language to create visual representations of actions, objects and ideas in our mind in such a way that they appeal to our physical senses.

For example:

It was dark and dim in the forest. – The words “dark” and “dim” are visual images.

The children were screaming and shouting in the fields. - “Screaming” and “shouting” appeal to our sense of hearing or auditory sense.

Simile and Metaphor:

Both compare two distinct objects and draws similarity between them. The difference is that Simile uses "as" or "like" and Metaphor does not.

For example:

Our soldiers are as brave as a lion.

  • My brother was boiling mad. (This implies he was too angry.)
  • Hyperbole:

    It is deliberate exaggeration of actions and ideas for the sake of emphasis.

    For example:

    "I've told you a million times".

    "It was so cold, I saw a polar bear wearing a jacket".