Zanzibar Leopard

By: Parker Dowdy

About the Zanzibar Leopard

The scientific name for the zanzibar leopard is Panthera pardus adersi. It has three names because it is a subspecies to the leopard. They were discovered in 1932. Most believe that they have gone extinct as soon as the 1990's, but some people still believe there are some still alive.

About the Extinction of the Zanzibar Leopard

Zanzibar leopards were extremely over hunted by hunters and they were supposedly captured and kept by "witches" of the villages. They were thought as evil animals and that's why they were hunted so much. The government tried to step in and help but by then it was too late. They had a chance of not becoming extinct if the hunters had stopped hunting them and the government stepped in sooner to make conservation camps.


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