Ms. Kilar's Class News

Friday, Oct. 16, 2015

Predator Prey

The students had a blast at Predator Prey yesterday. They did a great job. Ask your kiddo if he/she "survived" the game and what animal they played. A huge thanks to the parents who came out to help chaperone and then were suckered into playing the game. Thanks to Mr. Shepherd, Mrs. Lauria, Mrs. Gretzinger, and Mr. Kelso, Mr. Hoffman. We couldn't have played without you.

Recycling Center

We will be going to the Emmet County Recycling Center on Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 12:30-2:45. This is a fun and informative field trip about everything that goes on at the transfer station. The students learn a lot of information about what they can recycle and then where the recycling goes once it leaves the transfer station. I need a few parents to help chaperone. Please let me know if you're able to help out.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are next week on Oct. 21 and 22. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment and sign up for a conference. You can use the link posted below or contact Mrs. Zoerner in the office at 526-4500. If the days and times available do not work for you please contact me at 526-4518 or

Book Fair

Fourth grade is hosting their annual Scholastic Book Fair next week to raise money for our overnight to Wolverine Camps. The Book Fair will be open for browsing on Monday and Tuesday and open for buying Wednesday-Friday from 8-12. It will also be open during parent teacher conferences.

I still have a few spaces to help with the Book Fair. Please give me a call if you are available to help out.

Teddy Bear Drive

We are still hosting our Teddy Bear Drive through the end of next week on Oct. 23. If you are interested in helping out we are collecting new or gently used bears, cash donations, or pop can donations. Thank you for your support.

Halloween Party

We will be having a Halloween party after the parade on Friday, Oct. 30. Mrs. Shepherd has offered to contact families about providing treats, snacks and plates and napkins. If she doesn't contact you for Halloween, I'll be sure to hit you up for Christmas!! Thanks!

Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Oct. 19 - Math Test
  • Oct. 21 and 22 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 21- Field trip to Offield Nature Preserve from 12:15-1:45.
  • Oct. 21-23 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • Oct. 23 - End of Teddy Bear Drive
  • Oct. 28 - Pizza Party for participating in Teddy Bear Drive
  • Oct. 30 - Halloween Parade at 1:15
  • Nov. 3 - Picture retakes
  • Nov. 10 - Field trip to recycling center

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Gym
  • Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday - Library
  • Thursday - Art/Gym
  • Friday- Music


This week students participated in many review activities to help them prepare for Monday's test. Everyone had the opportunity to complete quizzes on their iPads that helped them get use to the question format that will appear on their test. The results of those quizzes helped me identify areas that needed to be retaught to specific students. There will not be any math homework for next week, but please have your student practice math facts!

Science and Social Studies

Science: The DTE Think Energy presentation was on Monday. The presenters shared a lot of great information about energy and energy conservation in the home. The students took home energy kits. Please look through the kit with your child and help him/her fill out the worksheet at the back of the booklet. Please return that worksheet on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Social Studies: This week in social studies we wrapped up our unit on geography and map reading. We started reading a chapter on a brief history of the settlement of the United States and learned about several of the largest ethnics groups in the U.S.


  • Math: Math packet from last week
  • Spelling: New spelling list and front and back of the worksheet
  • Grammar: Front and Back of the worksheet
  • Homework is due Thursday
  • Students can always practice the new week's spelling list on SpellingCity.

Language Arts

  • Reading - This week we focused on theme in fictional texts. We also learned about the elements of a drama.
  • Writing - Students worked on brainstorming and drafting a fictional narrative. They focused on ideas and voice in their writing.
  • Spelling - Long o short o
  • Grammar - Correcting run-on sentences and sentence fragments.