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Serving Schools Matter

It's been awhile since we have sent out an Every School Partnership newsletter. We want to get back into a consistent rhythm of communication to encourage, resource and remind you, our readers, of the importance of the work you are doing. Whether you are just beginning a school partnership or are years into deep relational connection, whether you are spreading bark or teaching students to read or showering staff with love and support, no matter what you are doing, your work makes a difference in the lives of kids and families that make up our communities. As this new school year begins, let us remind ourselves of why we serve schools and the possibilities of what might happen when churches consistently and faithfully reach out in small and big ways with the love of Jesus.

We want to expand this message and community! Can you forward this to five or more other pastors or community leaders right now? Let's see this movement grow in the 2017-18 school year.

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Getting Started

Has your church leadership been thinking about serving a local school but not sure where to begin? Watch this "Getting Started" video from our friends at BeUndivided that shows beginning a dialog which can lead to a school partnership can be easier than you think! For more getting started videos, view more resources from BeUndivided HERE, or check out Every School Partnership's resource library HERE.
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Share your Story

Encouragement towards action rises when stories are shared and celebrated. Stories of what is working helps other churches do the same! Would you be willing to share with the Every School Partnership community the work you are doing with your local school? We would love to feature stories like yours in future newsletters. If you have a story you would like to share, please take a few minutes to email us at megan@actsonline.net Thanks in advance for sharing!
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Stories of Service: First Day 2017

A few weeks ago, almost a thousand low income and at risk children from schools in the San Juan Unified School District came to New Life Church to celebrate the beginning of a new school year at the 8th annual event called First Day. First Day was started by an organization called AboutKidz and honors and celebrates kids in our community by providing things they need to start the year out well. Kids come with their families to a block party in the church parking lot complete with 15 bounce houses, entertainers, a BBQ and other festival like activities. Kids then come inside the church to pick our their own backpack full of all the supplies they need to have a successful year. Kids also get free haircuts from licensed professionals, a complete school outfit and a brand new pair of shoes. They leave the party with a bag of groceries for their family.

THANK YOU AboutKidz, and all the community organizations, businesses and donors who work so hard each year to provide kids with the confidence and enthusiasm to start school well!