Google News

5th Edition

Google Slides

Google Slides is the presentation piece of Google Drive. Once you get started you'll see that it behaves very much like PowerPoint and/or Keynote. For this reason I'm not going into detail on how to create a slide show. It's pretty intuitive. The video below is an excellent video to show you some more advanced features of Google Slides. Most of these features have been added in the last year which greatly improves slides.
How to make beautiful presentations | Slides | The Apps Show

Collaborating in Google Slides

I'm sure you're starting to see a pattern here. The beauty of Google Drive is the fact that students can collaborate with each other and with others around the world. Just click on that share button - the same one you see in Forms, Sheets, Docs, etc. For our students, it is easy to share with each other because all names have been added. They don't need to know a student's complete email address to find them - they pop up once the student starts typing their name.

Free Templates for Slides (and/or PowerPoint)

AHA! There are LOTS of templates at the site below for enhancing your slide shows and they are FREE! Even some Christmas templates! Help yourself!

10 Google Slides Activities to Add Awesome to Your Classroom

I was going to state which of these are my favorite, but I just can't do it! These are all amazing think-out-of-the-box ideas for using Slides in your classroom! Click on the link below, look these over and add them to your future lesson plans!
1. Shared presentations
2. Screencast videos
3. Animation (I'd call these transitions but you can add animated gifs)
4. Global shared presentation
5. Story books
6. Vocab alive (oh, this idea is so much better than copying definitions from a dictionary!)
7. Integrate other Apps in Slides
8. Virtual tours with Google Earth
9. Video galleries

10. Quick blog

How to Embed a Presentation

This is one of the cool features of Google Slides. Once you or your students have finished creating a presentation, it can be embedded in a blog, wiki, or web page. Under file, choose to Publish to the Web. Click on embed and copy the embed code. On your blog, wiki, or web page you'll paste this code into a widget.
For the tech challenge below, if you login to the wiki page, ('ll be able to edit the page, then click on widgets, choose the slideshow widget, and paste the code. Next you'll save the page. Bingo! You must have a login in to wikispaces for this to work for you.

Tech Challenge for Google Slides

I started this presentation with Winter Magnetic Poetry from this site:
Then I did some revising. Isn't that what we do for a living? Take someone else's ideas and tweak them to fit our classroom?
So here's the challenge: Use the presentation that I revised called Winter Poetry. ( The idea is for you to share this slide show with all of your students. They will each have a slide to work on. Have your students duplicate a slide or design their own slide and write an age appropriate poem on their slide. Young students might simply type a complete sentence. Others might write a haiku, limerick, tanka, name poem, etc. There are 2 slides at the end that suggest words students might use. Please delete these if you don't want your students to use them and, for sure, delete them before you publish the slide show.
Of course, you have other options too. If you can have your students create a slide show with your current content or an idea listed above, go for it! Just please share it with me or embed it on our Google News wiki.
In order to qualify for a prize, your challenge must be completed by December 15th.
For Classified Staff: You may participate also! You could design your Christmas letter to family and friends. Add a video to a slide, photos, quotes, recipes, etc!
Once you finish this, embed it at OR share it with me and I can embed it.
Please notice the word copy at the end of the Google Docs URL. I changed edit in the URL to copy so that you will be forced to make a copy of the slide show. That makes it yours and doesn't mess up my master. Don't forget that cool trick when sharing documents with students!

Happy Sliding!