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"Today a Reader...Tomorrow a Leader" Margaret Fuller

August 31, 2015

Last week in the library for Rotation #1...

Coming up in the library for Rotation #2...

Digital Citizenship Lessons in the Library

By Wednesday, September 9th, all students will have discussed how to be a good Digital Citizen with me in the library. I will remind them that anytime they are on a computer, laptop, or device, they are expected to follow the expectations below.

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What Next?

1) Please show your students the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Guideline video and discuss these expectations with your students. (You can find the videos here.)

2) Sign off on the Compliance Verification Form that all of your students have seen the video and understand these expectations. (You can find the Verification Form here.)

3) Once you do this, I will place a copy of this poster in your box so that you can display it in your classroom.

Please have this completed by Friday, September 11th. Thank you!

How else can I help you?

Please email me or stop by after school to let me know of any special projects or areas that you need my support! Remember, I'm here for YOU!