Interesting Bloggers

First up... Justin Tarte.. ranked #33 by Teach 100

Justin is the Director of Curriculum & Support Services in the Union R-XI School District in Union, Missouri. Prior to that, he was Principal and Assistant Principal at Poplar Bluff Junior High School in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, & before that he taught German at Seckman High School in the Fox C-6 School District in Arnold, Missouri. He has a current blog titled "Do knew ideas thrive or die in your school". Interestingly he states that "far too often education leadership structures (many times not on purpose) make doing something new or different almost impossible."
I am inclined to follow Justin because of how much I agree with his following quote:
"Think about everything that happens in our schools… if it’s not absolutely necessary to help prepare kids for their future, then it should be eliminated. Simple as that." I feel this is true with everything we as teachers do with and say to our students - not just regarding 21st century learning. If it is not in the interest of preparing them for some aspect of the future then why are we doing it?
What do I stand for...? - Justin Tarte