What's Happening In Mesopotamia

BY Your news writer Jeena O. crones

Providing a reliable food source!?

The agriculture is now providing a reliable food source. And actually agriculture is allowing farmers to grow more food than what we need! This is pretty awesome! This means that the extra amount of the food will be traded for other resources the farmers need or want. Also the community is getting larger! With more food available more people will be able to live in one place. Also with this sudden change not all of us are going to be needing to farm all day long. Because of this a division of labor began. Now I’m not saying that all of us are not going to be farming but most of us are not going to be.

Talking to richard quellar!?

So we talked to a merchant whose name is Richard Quellar and is 23. So Richard buys and sells things. He sells stone, clay, cloth made of wool, and leather. In return he gets resources that he needs including wood, salt, precious stones and raw copper and tin. “My job is not a very hard job the one thing that is kind of difficult is that once I am walking around everyone comes up to me asking for wool or leather and anything that I am selling but I only have so much of what I am selling so it is hard to say ‘I do not have anymore’ and it is a little difficult. Queller tells us. We also asked him what he does in his free time and what he told me that he just helps his mom farm. He would help feed all the animals. Also sometimes he would just relaxes. Richard likes to build shelters that is something that is very interesting. His dad died because a bear ate him. Richard got very sad. So Richard has only a mom.

A boat is for sale!?

Are YOU tired of not being able to travel easy well, I have some good news for YOU then try our boat! This is not just some old boat this is a LUXURIOUS boat. This boat comes with beds!! WHAT?? Yes this boat come with BEDS!! And not only does this boat come with beds this boat comes with fishing poles!! If you don’t know what fishing poles are then read very very closely… fishing poles are a fishing rod, especially a simple one with no reel. It pulls fish out of the water so you can catch one and eat it! I know this boat seems really expensive… WHAT? I haven’t even gave you the prices yet! This boat is only 10 coins! What was that? THIS BOAT IS ONLY 10 GOLD COINS!! WHAT? ONLY 10 coins? Oh my! This is crazy but there is only 2 left so hurry up and get your own now! Come to merchant purchase it and pay right away! Then go to the beach and there it is! Get one now!