2015 Year In Review

Top Companies of The Year

Three Companies That Marketed Themselves The Best

Top Shop- used famous models (such as GiGi Hadid) and more unique looking models which made their brand "younger" and more interesting to the eye. They also introduced "Top Man" which has flourished at a fast pace. (picture to the right)

American Apparel- marketed off of sexuality and boldness which intrigued people to look further into the company and fall head over heels with there versatile line and sweatshop free promise. (picture to the bottom left)

Hollister- a classic teen brand many out grew, recently released a line that doesn't have logos. Many would see that as a detriment to the company but increased sales because it increased the age group for the brand. (picture to the bottom right)

Best and Worst of 2015

I think the best products of 2015 were vape pens because they offer an alternate option to smoking without nicotine or tobacco.

The worst product of 2015 was the Volkswagon clean diesel that was a lie (actually illegal because of regulations) that admitted way more pollution than advertised.

Best and Worst of 2015


Best- Interstellar was amazing because it blew your mind, it was mostly marketed through the actors popularity and the quality reviews.

Worst- Vacation was funny but very unrealistic and basically stupid.


Best- The Weeknd marketed by music collaborations, social media, special events, and "dropping" sneak peaks of future albums to gain interest.

Worst- I love country music but lately everything has become very pop instead of bluegrass or rock based for a marketing technique of popularity, it was sad to see 2015 not produce more classic music from big artist.

Best Street Style Trends of 2015

1. Oversized Sweaters

2. Thigh High Boots

3. High Waisted Mini Skirts

4. Crop Tops

5. Overalls

(no specific order)