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What are people saying about the Behringer XR AIR Seires Mixers...


from Kentucky

December 2, 2015

Music Background:
Heavily Booked Professional Musician

Amazing Mixer!

This mixer has simplified my setup to the point that it takes HALF of the time to set up and tear down at our gigs. It replaces a giant rack of outboard processing equipment and reduces clutter on stage. We now have all self-powered speakers and NO amp racks to deal with. You can EQ the room and monitor mixes then save your setup as a preset for the next time you play at the same venue. Just grab your tablet, (android or apple) walk out to FOH and set your levels real-time while the rest of the band is playing to get the perfect mix out front! It also makes running sound while playing very easy because I have my tablet in front of me where I can see all of the output levels at a glance without turning around to look at the mixer. I replaced a Presonus board with this (even though Presonus is very good) because of the simplicity of the built-in Wi-Fi. As a bonus, you can record all 18 channels separately out to a laptop! The price is unbelievable and any working band can afford one.

Bobby Buchanan

from SC November 18, 2015Music Background:

XAir 18

Game changer!!!!!