Stoneleigh Home-School Connection

Communication 3-30-2020

From Stoneleigh Elementary

Message From the Administration and Staff

We appreciate your patience and understanding during the coronavirus pandemic. As we move forward with the virtual and print-based learning pathways we want you to know that we love each and every one of our students and miss them terribly. Their education is of utmost importance to us.

As our partners, we need your support and patience because there is a lot of new learning ahead for all. Not everything will go as expected at first and that is okay. We will practice patience, perseverance, and the "Power of Yet." Things will roll out slowly allowing everyone to get comfortable and create a structure that works in their home.

We promise you our very best as we learn to balance working from home and home schooling our own children. We promise all students will receive lessons that meet the expected rigorous instruction of the Common Core Grade Level Standards. We promise you support, patience, perseverance, and the "Power of Yet" as we acknowledge you are also learning to work from home while home schooling your children.

As we embark on this “distance learning” let us all offer each other grace. We all love the students of Stoneleigh Elementary and we are all doing the best we can each and every day.

Additional information will be coming with specifics about the continuity of learning for each grade. The entire Stoneleigh Staff is participating in virtual training and professional develop sessions each day this week in order to prepare a successful launch next week.

By providing each other with support and looking for silver linings, we the Stoneleigh Family will get through.

Thank you.

Stoneleigh Elementary's 1st Ever Virtual Spirit Week

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We Want To Wish The Following Students A Belated Happy Birthday Or A This Week Happy Birthday!

Your name will be announced on WSES and your birthday pencil is waiting for you when the school closure is over and we all return to Stoneleigh Elementary. We hope you were able or are able to enjoy your special day at home loved by family and friends even if it was from afar.
  • 03/17 - Avery C., Sofia L., Olivia J.
  • 03/18 - Wren S., Nataly M., Piper F., Samuel B.
  • 03/19 - Grace M., Hannah M.
  • 03/20 - Meadow M., Aadarsha N., Olivia M.

  • 03/22 - Adam B., Adele S.
  • 03/23 - Jordan R.
  • 03/24 - Benjamin S., Hannah K., Charles H.
  • 03/25 - Lila S.
  • 03/26 - Emma J.
  • 03/27 - Ammar E., Sloane C.

  • 03/29 - Avi B.
  • 03/31 - Ana M.
  • 04/02 - Locklin P., Rynn S., Jona B.
  • 04/03 - Riley H.
  • 04/04 - Oluwatise F., Jake R., William T. Suchana K.

Touching Base and Check In - Stoneleigh Elementary Staff To Students and Families

From Ms. Hughes (Kindergarten):

Ms Hughes 2

From Ms. Engle (2nd Grade):

Mrs Engle

From Ms. Sturkey (5th Grade) Update:

Hi everyone,

I miss you all, Please use this time to show kindnes to others who may be lonely and/ or alone. You can ask for parent assistence to send an email to a great-aunt send a video message to a cousin start a family Google Hangout, set up a family conference call and time, etc. This experience is one that no other generation has experienced keep a journal of what your thinking, feeling and doing each day. It will be interesting for others to read/ watch it in next generation. You may even write a novil about one day.

Stay safe, try to remane calm, and always choose kindness,


Mrs. Sturkey

From Ms. Poole (Para Educator):

Hello My Wonderful Students,

I miss greeting you in the morning by singing your names and wishing you a great day. I hope you are enjoying time with your families and reading every day. I wish you all well and hope to see you soon.


Ms. Poole

Ms. Hare and Ms. Hester (English Language Learners):

Hello Students:

Like you we are staying home. We have used the time to catch up on chores and hope you have been able to help at home as well. While at home temporarily, you can follow up on our last school lessons by watching the weather on TV (iPad, iPhone) and making notes about what you have learned each day about the weather. You can check the temperature each day. What is the humidity? You can make a chart to keep a record. When you return to school, we can give a full report using everyone’s data.

We miss each one of you and cannot wait to see you again – hopefully soon.


Mrs. Hare and Mrs. Hester

Let's Have Some Fun

Guess Who These Babies Are?

Different Stoneleigh staff submitted pictures of themselves as a baby or toddler. Take a look. Can figure out who they are? Invite your family to help out. A hint will be given on Wednesday through the Stoneleigh Twitter Page. Send your guesses to by Friday, April 3, 2020 at 9:00PM. Participation and correct answers will receive an award. Different pictures will be released next week.
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Trivia Question Of The Week

Can you guess what this item is? Send your guesses to by Friday, April 3, 2020 at 9:00PM. Participation and correct answers will receive an award.
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