5 types of Religions

Types of Religion

In this flyer you will find out the five most popular religions in the world Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, Islam, and Hinduism. You will learn some interesting facts.


"Therefor whoever believes in him shall not parses but have internal life with him" John 3:16

Christianity is the believe in one true god. And that Jesus is the son of god and had come down to earth and had lived a sinful life. He went around telling people about his father. Then when he was 35 he was crucified on the cross. And as he promised three days later he rose from his tome and reunited with his 12 decipiles.


"The mind is everything you think what you become" ~ The Buddah

"The Awakened One" the Buddha is one person like a chosen one or the awakened one who goes a rounds and teaches people and gives them some of his wisdom. People come to pray and get wishes from the Buddha. Mostly wishes to end there suffering.


"Judaism lives not in an abstract creed but in a institutions" ~ Anne Frank

Jewish people is a belief it is a ethnic group the stays together through everything and just called them selfs Jews the believe in what Christians believe in a god like no other. They are also like the Israelites who believe in one king but that king is not god. These people celebrate hanakua and kwanza


"Faith has four pillars Patience, Certainty , Justice, and Struggle" ~ Unknown

They believe in the bible that Christians believe in and they believe in the many different types of gods. And everyday you go and do what your Lord did served other people and to try to be sinful they believe in four pillars help them through everyday has a Muslim


"Tears are words the heart can't express" ~ Goddess Krishna

A huge religion mostly believed in India does not have a single founder and they believe in many gods. They have parties where that worship different gods. Through out the year. They have gods and goddess like the Greeks do. They believe in all religions and all the gods that very other religion believes in