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What's this all about?

Join me in Empower Network, a solidly based Internet company with 160,000 members and rising, and with total commission payouts now standing at $60m.

EN is something of an Internet phenomenon, now ranking within the top 400 most visited web sites in the world, and the top 100 in the USA.

It is headed by two visionary leaders in Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe who live by the principle they preach that the more you give the more you will receive.

What's on offer?

  • 5 product levels offering 100% commissions ranging from just $25 (approx. £16) to a massive $3,000 (approx. £1875)!
  • A hosted viral website/blogging system that you can use for any purpose you like - a personal blog, or for promoting this or any other business you wish.
  • World-beating training in all aspects of marketing, leadership and personal development - from the industries top leaders, all 5 and 6 figure monthly earners.

But that's not all ..... !

I am a member of a group called Big Idea Mastermind - by far the highest earning group in Empower Network.

Join Empower Network under me and you will have access - ABSOLUTELY FREE - to a second programme offering further massive training, and a ready made sales funnel that sucks people into Empower Network for you! Plus the support of the enormous BIM 'family' in the BIM FaceBook group.

We are mentored and coached by EN's top earner, Vick Strizheus. He drew $710k in commissions in his first 21 days with the company, and he shares everything with us, his members.

What would I have to do?

Follow the training provided!

All you need is your computer and Internet connection, the desire to succeed, and the willingness to apply yourself and take action!

Your first step towards freedom!

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