Tim Berners-Lee

By Bo Brown

Tim Berners-Lee rise

Tim berners-lee was born in london england

He went to the college of Oxford

Tim was a: Computer Scientist , Inventor , Professor , Public speaker...the point is he pretty successful

As the creator of the world wide web(www) before he made it he found it very fustrating to find information so he used the internet to find how he wanted the WWW to be set up

one of thes tim said was "Celebrity damages private life" not what you was expected

World Web Web

In the early days of WWW was good it was but not many people used it but it was change since the old one look boring.

the name of the web browser was NCSA Mosaic

the name of the first server was www

http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html this is the first web page URL

Penelope was the name of the computer that was used to write the program hypertextand was created by jude