Great Friends Help Us

Jackson Adams 3-4

Analysis of the Development of Theme

The characters and conflicts influence each other to create the theme, "There are many obstacles in life, but great friends help us get past them.''One of the obstacles in the story is that Freak has Morquio syndrome and cannot walk very well, Max decides that he can carry Freak to where he needs to go.This shows that Max is a great friend and will help Kevin. One of the other obstacles faced is Max and his dad.''It's time I got to know my own son.'' Max's dad was in prison, but got out, and he took Max to the Lee's house. Max escapes, but his dad is coming to get him. Then Freaks shows up and squirts him with a acid mix. These are two great examples of how the characters and conflicts create the theme.

Reflection and Application of the Theme

Well I think that my theme is true because great friends do help us through life, I have had many times in my life where I've needed help and they taught me how to get past it. I also think the author gave many examples of this theme within the book."When they were at the pond and Tony d was there and got mad at Max and Freak stood up for him."I think this theme is relevant to my generation, because friends help each other all the time if you haven't noticed.

Visual Representations of Theme

Summary of the Story

In the book ''Freak the Mighty'' you will begin to notice that Max doesn't have that many friend, his mom is dead, his dad is in prison, and he is living with Grim and Gram (his grand parents). Then one day a kid named Kevin moves in next door. Max is curious to find out who he is so he sneaks over. That is when he meet Freak (Kevin).Kevin is a small genius, you could ask him anything and he would know it, but he also has a decease called Morquio syndrome. Which is when one of your genes is mutated and causes dis-formation of the body. Max is really big and grows like crazy,and decides that he will carry Freak to where he needs to go. Together they call themselves Freak the Mighty. Together they go and slay dragons, find treasure and explore the Earth.

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