Hagia Sophia, Turkey

By: Joe C

What Is Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia is a very sacred church built in Istanbul, Turkey by, "Constantine The Great". It is one of several churches in Turkey built by Constantine. There is nothing left of the original Hagia Sophia, nor is there anything left of the second one, or the third. While the fourth one is still standing it still has some partial collapses here and there.

Hagia Sophia's History

In all there have been 3 Hagia Sophia’s and all of them have been in the exact same spot. While they have been in the same spot, the usage of the place has changed many times. Over time it has been used for four different things. At first it was a palace. Then it became a church. The last two things it has been used for was a mosque and a museum. It is currently used as a museum.

Where Was Hagia Sophia Built?

Hagia Sophia was built in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Surrounded by many other churches Hagia Sophia was the best known. There were several churches around Hagia Sophia, and all of them were built by Constantine. But for some reason the best know palace is Istanbul's very own Hagia Sophia. If you ever want to go see Hagia Sophia, Its exact address is Ayasofya Sq., Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey.

Who is Hagia Sophia sacred to, and why?

Hagia Sophia is sacred to the Greeks, Muslims, and Christians. The Greeks find this place sacred because it is known to have been built on an ancient pagan temple. They found that church sacred for that reason. It was also sacred because it was used as a church. Which means that’s where hey worshiped there gods, and any place they can do that, they find that place sacred.

Who Built Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia was built by many people. The first ever Hagia Sophia, was built by Constantine The Great, a fantastic ruler in Istanbul. The Palace eventually collapsed but was later rebuilt by Justinian. He too was a ruler in Istanbul. Unfortunately Justinian’s rebirth of Hagia Sophia did not last very long. Just from 532 A.D. to 558 A.D. Its replacement life was even shorter though as it fell in 563 A.D. There were more creations of the Hagia Sophia, but the most famous ones were built by Constantine and Justinian.

Constantine The Great

The first person to build Hagia Sophia was a man called Constantine The Great. He was a great ruler of early Istanbul. He was so honored he had his own land named after him called Constantinople. Constantine's palace, Hagia Sophia, Stood tall for a long time until it unfortunately collapsed in the same century (fourth century). Constantinople still ruled turkey until being conquered later by Ottoman Sultan. But Constantine is still best known by building this great palace, and will forever be loved by Istanbul, Turkey

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